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TISCA - 2005

The Independent Schools Christian Alliance

...promoting Christian values in education

TISCA is an association of teachers and others concerned to promote Christian values in the Independent Schools in the UK.

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  • CCPAS - The Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service is a Christian organization which provides advice to churches and schools about issues of child protection. This is a subject of vital interest to all who are working in schools, and one where it is particularly important to make sure that you are working in accordance with current guidelines and legislation. Please check the CCPAS website here and contact them if you have any concerns. Please also see the article written by CCPAS on our Downloads Page.
  • SCRIPTURE UNION - Scripture Union (SU) is a well-established organization that works with young people in schools, churches and youth groups both in the UK and internationally. SU provides excellent resources for RE teaching, as well as aids for personal and group Bible reading. They also organize a wide range of camps and holidays: these have been used over the years to bring many young people to faith in Christ and also to help them grow in Christian maturity. Please use this link to go to the SU website and make use of their materials, all of which are highly recommended and used by many TISCA members.
  • CHRISTIAN RESOURCES FOR SCHOOLS - This website contains a wealth of information and interesting resources. It will be of particular interest and relevance for those who are taking assemblies or leading Christian Union groups in senior schools.
  • Crossref-it - Crossref-it is a website provided by the Stapleford Centre. It offers marvellous resources for all students of English Literature, and for anyone who is interested in the way the Bible has been used by writers down the years. Registration is freeof charge and extremely simple. Well worth checking out.
  • ACT (The Association of Christian Teachers) - Nationwide organisation linking Christians across public and private sectors
  • RELIVERESOURCES - These are high-quality video resources that have been prepared for schools (primary RE in particular) and churches by James Hamilton, a talented communicator in the West Midlands. Check out the video clips on the website at this link: you will be greatly impressed!
  • YOUTH FOR CHRIST - Youth for Christ (yfc) arranges a number of programmes which are of great benefit to school students. One of them is ExploRE: a residential experience. It involves 2 to 3 days of exhilarating activities and innovative teaching. Suitable for KS3 students, the experience provides the opportunity to engage with issues of relationships, Christian values or big questions of faith through interactive, nultimedia workshops, alongside outward-bound activities. For more information, email Rachel Noyce at explore@yfc.co.uk
  • STOP THE TRAFFIK - Stop the Traffik is a dynamic organization with a strong Christian base. It seeks to involve schools and their pupils in efforts to abolish all forms of exploitation and trafficking - particulary those which involve the exploitation of young people.
  • SMSC On-line - Valuable resource provider for RE and education generally
  • The Damaris Trust - Interprets all the current media - films, books, articles, drama, TV and radio
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