Host: TISCA Event

Type: Online


14 November 2024



14 November 2024



Kingham Hill School

As mentioned, here is a rough outline for the TISCA Governors’ Gathering  on Thursday, 14th November 2024, which is at Kingham Hill School, Oxfordshire:
1500  Look round the school for those able to arrive early
1530  Afternoon tea
1600  Presentation 1: Anna Hope and Allan Beckett (Carnelian) – focus on the marks of good governance, a healthy Board, Chair/Head relationship, common pitfalls and a Christian perspective running through this
1650  Short break
1700  Presentation 2: Nick and Carol Pollard -Faith in Mental Health: Psychological and Lived-experience Insights for Governors.
1750  Break for refreshments
1810   Discussion groups – with some questions from the speakers to consider
1840  Devotion led by Pete Last (Kingham Head) followed by prayer
1930  Dinner and fellowship
2045  Depart