Every term we send our our TISCA Prayer calendar – a resource you can use weekly or daily to pray for the work of The Independent Schools Christian Association. Below is our daily thoughts for prayer.

SUNDAY Assemblies, chapel services, special events– visiting speakers, choirs, pupils attending home churches; inspiration for talks; engaging pupils

MONDAY: Chaplains…lessons, talks, pastoral work, relationships with Head / Staff /Pupils, Lent Addresses / Focus Weeks

TUESDAY: Heads…pupil numbers, leading meetings, relationship with parents, leading the staff, communicating with pupils, having some ‘down time’, vision

WEDNESDAY: Staff…teaching and non-teaching, welfare, family life, pension pressures, boarding houseparents, budgeting

THURSDAY: Pupils…exam pressures, prefects(etc.), safeguarding, CUs, future planning

FRIDAY: Members…attending TISCA events, staffing need, maintaining ethos, Overseas schools, TISCA staff and Trustees – wisdom and stamina

SATURDAY: Governors…relationship with Head and Staff, training needs, maintaining ethos

A hard-copy of our Spring Prayer guide was sent out in our recent TISCA News and Views mailing. If you would like another copy, do just send us ">an email or tweet us @tisca_uk!


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