Many of us probably made it one of our New Year Resolutions to read more serious books and articles, especially the kind that will strengthen our faith and equip us better to explain to others the truth of the gospel.

Here are two suggestions, both of which are easily accessible on the UCCF Be  Thinking” website.

  1. You can read the detailed review written by Marcus Paul of the influential book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. The review is available here:  You may recall that a version of this review was published in TISCA News and Views recently. This is a fuller version of the review. Yuval Noah Harari continues to be a highly influential author, and one whose arguments against Christianity we need to understand and (where possible) refute. This review will help to that end.
  2. Marcus Paul himself has written a helpful book entitled The Evil that Men Do. This too was reviewed  in TISCA News and Views. Another review is available from the Jubilee Centre website here:  The book itself, published by Sacristy Press, is available at Christian bookshops and via Amazon.



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