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Birmingham City Mission is a Christian charity that serves the disadvantaged and marginalised through various social projects.

BCM’s youth team seeks to teach students about Christian beliefs and practices and to support students in their SMSC development. We offer RE lessons to complement the syllabus and GCSE specifications; we also offer assemblies on Christian themes as part of collective worship – yet the material always covers universal values and is inclusive and ‘collective’ in nature adhering to the Birmingham SACRE guidelines. These are similar to the guidelines of many local authority SACRE.

Although our assemblies are produced by Birmingham City Mission yet the material is relevant to students anywhere.’

You will find below some of our material from the recent past………


  1. (VIDEO) Easter (2021) Assembly (‘Hope’) – You’ve already received this current assembly via email.
  2. (VIDEO) Advent & Christmas assembly video: ‘Waiting with Hope’ (Autumn Term, Second Half, 2020).

See the link for the video below. You should be able to play the video within your browser but we recommend that you download in advance to avoid buffering and also to get a slightly better quality video.

Assembly video:

  1. (VIDEO) Asking for Help: Calm amid Crisis (Autumn Term, First Half, 2020).

This assembly video relates to the need for a sense of calm amid chaos and crisis. It is based on the Biblical narrative of Jesus calming the storm. The assembly leaves time for students to reflect on these things.

You should be able to play the video within your browser depending on internet quality, but can download it in advance.

Assembly video:

  1. (SCRIPTS & POWERPOINTS) You’ll find in the below link (the scripts in MS Word and the accompanying Powerpoints of) our:

Christmas Assembly 2020;

Easter Assembly 2019

Autumn (Harvest) Assembly 2019.

I’ve uploaded these files to one of our google accounts. You may still need to request permission to access it:


  1. Easter RE videos (Easter 2021). There are three videos (no more than around 15 minutes each) in the series which covers both KS3 and KS4 students: Holy Week; Good Friday; Easter Sunday.

For each of the three videos we: briefly retell or summarise the respective narrative from the gospels; share a short piece on how this teaching influences a particular youth team member as a Christian; provide two or three questions for classes to discuss based on the content covered.

Please note:- It is not possible to watch the video in your web browsers. These are download only files and we would encourage users to download these large files in advance.

Video 1 – Holy Week – Direct Download. 8 minutes in duration

Video 2 – Good Friday – Direct Download. 12 minutes in duration

Video 3 – Easter Sunday – Direct Download. 8 minutes in duration

A short feedback form can be accessed via

  1. Christmas (2020) RE video. It is mainly aimed at KS3. The video is just under 30 minutes long but including the paused and learning activities will be about 50 minutes long. You’ll find some activity sheets via

Here’s the link to the video:

We cover what the Bible teaches about who Jesus is, why he came to earth, the circumstances of his birth, how Christians celebrate Christmas and the difference between a religious and a secular Christmas.

  1. GCSE Christian Beliefs (October 2020). This is aimed solely at KS4. In it we give 30 minutes of solid core beliefs & practices input/presentation (with 10-20 minutes learning activities on top of that). Here’s the link:

You’ll find a note taking/handout sheet via