Author: TISCA


Marcus Paul has recently reviewed Tom Holland’s aptly named book, Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind. This 39 minute read is available on the website from UCCF. Marcus hopes this will be of benefit to Religion/Ethics A-Level students particularly.

Marcus Paul is author of The Evil That Men Do (Sacristy Press, 2016). He has two degrees in English and history and has enjoyed a life-long career working with students and sixth formers in universities and schools in three continents. He now spends his time running a ‘School Pastor’ scheme and writing and speaking about the Gospel and the Church, as well as painting and reading. He also enjoys rock climbing and travel – having had (as a young man) the now nearly impossible experience of hitch-hiking ‘on a shoestring’ ten thousand miles round Africa and the Near East. He is married with two grown-up children.