School Assemblies for Reluctant Preachers

Marcus Paul has written ‘School Assemblies for Reluctant Preachers – How to be Successful in Ten Minutes with a Teenage Audience’. Marcus has experience of taking assemblies in seven schools and three continents over period of 40 years – often on a weekly basis. He writes:

Almost every school in the country has at least one Christian teacher, but many are fearful of speaking Christianly in public, especially perhaps in their place of work. If TISCA, or more widely the Church, could help to reverse this situation  and equip Christian teachers to speak well on stage or in chapel to their charges and colleagues, we could make a significant contribution to the belief patterns of the next generation.  

Marcus is happy to share individual assemblies from the Contents page with TISCA members upon request as long as these are used only by the requesting member on a ‘sole usage’ basis and not reproduced.

Assembly Talks

  1. Laying good foundations
  2. Building a community / School Rules
  3. Harvest 1
  4. Harvest 2
  5. Respect for others
  6. Fake News
  7. Anti-slavery Day
  8. Hallowe’en / All Saints Day
  9. Guy Fawkes’s / Bonfire Night
  10. Remembrance 1
  11. Remembrance 2
  12. Natural Disasters
  13. Children in Need
  14. Advent
  15. Advent / Nativity
  16. Human Rights Day
  17. New Year / New Start
  18. Epiphany
  19. Religious Freedom Day
  20. Holocaust Memorial Day
  21. Candlemas
  22. Darwin Day
  23. St Valentine’s Day
  24. Lent / Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day
  25. Reflections in Lent
  26. Shakespeare and Wesley
  27. Commonwealth Day
  28. World Book Day
  29. Preparing for Easter
  30. Easter: a story about fairies?
  31. Holy Week
  32. Prejudice / Stephen Lawrence Day
  33. Whitsunday / Pentecost
  34. The Church: good or bad? (Part One)
  35. The Church: good or bad? (Part Two)
  36. Amnesty International Day
  37. Anne Frank Day
  38. World Environment Day
  39. Doubting Thomas – The Sceptic
  40. Making a Difference

To request one of the above assembly talks please email .


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